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Fruitsaver Aluminum Steam Canner

Fruitsaver Aluminum Steam Canner

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The Aluminum Steam Canner is perfect for the person who wants to can fruits, pickles, jam, and other high acid recipes, but doesn’t want to spend all day doing it! Using much less water and energy than a water bath canner, the Aluminum Steam Canner is a safe way to can high acid foods (pH 4.6 or lower). USDA-funded research has established that steam canners are safe for preserving acidified or naturally acidic foods when following the proper procedures. Our unique temperature indicator in the top of the lid takes the guesswork out of steam canning. Identify your zone based on your elevation. When the temperature indicator hits the green zone for your elevation begin timing for your recipe.
  • No Guesswork Timing: The lid’s unique built-in Temperature Indicator eliminates guesswork – just start timing when the needle hits your elevation’s green zone
  • Time Saver: Aluminum construction ensures quick heat-up and cool-down times. Smaller water requirements also ensure quicker processing. It cuts preheating time by 50% compared to water bath canning.
  • Right Capacity: Can process up to 7 quart or 8 pint jars of high-acid foods at one time. Note: will NOT accommodate half gallon jars.
  • Easy and Safe: Lightweight design, lower water capacity requirement, and cool-touch handles. Uses 80% less water than traditional water bath canning.
  • Includes: Aluminum canning rack, Pot, Lid, and Temperature indicator Knob
  • Item Number: VKP1054
  • Made in: China
  • Materials: Aluminum, Silicone Handle Grips
  • Overall Width (Including handles): 16-1/2”
  • Assembled Height: 10-7/8”
  • Rack Diameter: 11-5/8”
  • Rack Height: 1-1/4”
  • Interior Height With Lid On (No rack inside): 9"
  • Interior Height With Lid On (With rack inside): 7-3/4"
  • Inside Diameter With Lid On: 11-3/4"
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