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5-Piece Home Canning Kit with 2-Cup Measuring Scoop

5-Piece Home Canning Kit with 2-Cup Measuring Scoop

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The 5-Piece Home Canning Kit with 2-Cup Measuring Scoop includes all of the must-have tools suggested by seasoned canners. It includes a Jar Brush to make sure your jars are impeccably clean. It also includes a 2-Cup Measuring Scoop, with graduated measurements, which is perfect for making large batches of jam, salsa, barbecue sauce, and so much more. Also included is a Jar Funnel which fits perfectly inside any wide or regular mouth canning jar, keeping food or liquid from contaminating the jar rim. The Magnetic Lid Lifter is actually two tools in one, as it doubles as a bubble remover. Finally, the Jar Lifter not only protects your hands from the hot jars, it keeps you from accidentally breaking the lids seals when moving your jars. Whether you’re new to canning or have been doing it for years, this 5-Piece Home Canning Kit is the perfect set for you!
  • Jar Lifter: Safely place jars into and remove jars from the canner
  • Canning Funnel: Works equally well with both regular and wide mouth jars
  • Bubble Remover/ Magnetic Lid Lifter: Remove bubbles from your jar contents, and place lids on the jars with the magnetic end -- no residue on the jar rim and no burned fingers!
  • Cleaning Brush: Shaped for any size canning jar
  • 2-Cup Measuring Cup: Easy grip handles and graduated measurements. BPA free.
  • Item Number: VKP1205
  • Made in: Taiwan
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