Homemade Apple Fritter Rings

Homemade Apple Fritter Rings

Apple Fritter Rings are fun to make with your family or friends. Using the Johnny Apple Peeler to peel, core and slice your apple rings makes it so easy!

Directions:  Use your favorite pancake mix.  1 cup mix does about 2 apples worth.  Add ½ tsp cinnamon to batter. Use your Johnny Apple Peeler to peel, slice and core your apples.  Then take your paring knife and slice down one side of the rings so they separate.

Heat your cooking oil to about 350 degrees.  Dip your apple ring in the batter and then fry in the oil until golden brown.  Flip over half way through the cooking process to brown both sides. I cook about 4 at a time.  Remove to a cooling rack. Sprinkle cinnamon and sugar mixture on immediately after removing them from the oil so it will stick.  You could also top with powdered sugar. Enjoy!



2 apples 

1 cup pancake mix (make according to directions) 

½ tsp cinnamon 

Oil (enough to fill your pan 1 inch deep) 

cinnamon /sugar for topping

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